Your audience can be unique and valuable.  We can make it happen.

Publication Partners Limited opened our doors in the fall of 2000.  We served the needs of small to medium sized publishers by offering them the benefit of experienced circulation and audience management skills.  We now work with trade and consumer magazines,  newspapers large and small in both paid and controlled environments.  Our knowledge of audit regulations and a history of working with multiple audit boards enable us to process audits without frustrating the publisher.  We strive to save the publisher money while reaching the target audience.

In uncertain economic times our focus is on maintaining list quality while holding expenses down.  By outsourcing subscription management the publisher's time and energy can be focused on generating advertising revenue.  

Every publication has a unique selling proposition.  Our service is tailored to match your specific publications relationship with the reader.  We want your customers to receive the style of service that they expect from your organization.

Our clients often have subscribers in Canada, USA and other countries.  We have setup mailing drop off and pickup services that save our clients money and gives the readers familiar mailing services. We have software to manipulate mailing and email lists as well as sort software to ensure mailing costs are minimized.  In addition to our own resources we have numerous industry contacts so we can put together the perfect service  for your needs.

I have presented circulation seminars at industry events and I and or my staff attend other industry presentations as keeping up with the changing marketplace helps us help you.  Current  revenue issues include competing with alternative advertising mediums so we need to promote the quality of your readers.  Circulation issues facing publishers include:  Anti spam regulations, privacy laws, audit regulations, rising postal rates, response of email renewals, open rates of digital products, and newsstand sell through rates.  We work with you to understand the characteristics of your marketplace  so we can determine the most effective methods to connect with your audience.

Publication Partners Limited is a family business and the next generation is very much involved in the operation of our company.  We are a "high touch" organization.  We take the time to understand your situation and competitive position in the market.   We genuinely try to make our clients successful by developing an audience that appreciates the information your publication provides and is highly valued by your advertisers.

In summary our goal is to make your audience valuable.  Together we can make it happen.

Garth Atkinson